Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day in United Kingdom, for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

United Kingdom 2018 2019 2020
Valentine's Day Tuesday 14th February Wednesday 14th February Fridat 14th February

Valentine's Day

The origins of the Feast of Saint Valentine

The modern feast of Saint Valentine is celebrated on the 14th of February and is seen as a day for couples. It commemorates the lives of two Saint Valentine's.

The beginnings of the lovers' festival

Today, the Feast of Saint Valentine is an annual event that takes place in most countries on the 14th of February and is seen as a day for couples. It is not generally a public holiday, but the lovers' festival is observed in many countries across the world. There have been a number of different Valentine martyrs throughout history and today's feast of Saint Valentine honours the Saint Valentines of Rome and Terni. The 14th of February is still marked in the Anglican Church, with the Eastern Orthodox Church celebrating the feast of Saint Valentine in July.

A Lovers' Festival

The Feast of Saint Valentine was first seen as a day for couples during the Middle Ages and has been associated as a lovers' festival ever since. During the 18th century the 14th of February became a more established day for couples, with gifts and cards being exchanged for this lovers' festival. There are many symbols associated with this day for couples on the 14th of February, including hearts, doves and cupid figures.

The first cards that were sent to mark this lovers' festival were handmade. They began to be commercially produced during the 19th century and now the 14th of February has become a major day for couples. In the UK, there are around 25 million cards sent each year for the Feast of Saint Valentine.

In the later 20th century, the gifts exchanged on the 14th of February as part of this day for couples started to become more elaborate. Today, the most popular items purchased on this lovers' festival include chocolates, flowers and jewellery.