Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in United Kingdom, for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

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Christmas Eve Monday 24th December Tuesday 24th December Thursday 24th December

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve - The day before Christmas Day

Christmas Eve is a religious celebration associated with the birth of Jesus Christ. It falls annually on the 24th December - the day before Christmas Day. Unlike Christmas Day, December 24 is not a bank holiday in the United Kingdom. Some companies, however, give their employees the 24th December or half-day off.

The origins of the Christmas Eve celebration

Christmas Eve celebrations have long begun the day before Christmas Day, mainly due to the fact that according to the scriptures, the Christian liturgical day started at sunset and Baby Jesus was born after midnight. Thus, although Christmas is on December 25, the liturgical day started in the evening of December 24. Also known as Christmas Vigil, the 24th December is the culmination of the Advent Season.

Christmas Eve traditions in the United Kingdom

The Day before Christmas Day is celebrated in many different ways across the UK. Christmas decorations have become very important in Christmas Eve celebrations and while some families begin decorating days before Christmas, others enjoy decorating the Christmas Tree with their children on the 24th December. December 24 is also dedicated to the preparation of traditional Christmas dishes. In some homes, families and friends usually gather and exchange presents the day before Christmas Day, while in others, children hang their Christmas stockings on December 24 so Santa Claus can leave them a present. On the 24th December some people enjoy singing Christmas Carols from door to door, while others attend Christmas carolling events at venues long booked before December 24. Many churches ring their bells at midnight on the 24th December, while others offer special services the day before Christmas Day such as celebrating Midnight Mass. The evening of December 24 has become a time of joy and happiness for all.