Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday in United Kingdom, for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

United Kingdom 2018 2019 2020
Holy Saturday 31st March 20th April 11th April

The Commemoration of Holy Saturday in the UK

The Holy Saturday is the day after Good Friday and before Easter Sunday. This period is generally known as the Holy week; it commemorates the beginning of the period when Jesus Christ lay dead in the tomb prior to His ultimate resurrection. The Holy Saturday is also known as the Great Sabbath; it precedes the Holy Easter, during which Christians remember the passion and untimely death of Jesus Christ while preparing for His resurrection.

What people do to mark the Holy Week and Easter

Majority of Christians in the United Kingdom often participate in an Easter vigil service on the Holy Saturday. The Easter Vigil service marks the end of the Lent prior to the Easter celebrations. Holy Saturday is remembered as the day when Jesus lay dead in the tomb and numerous services are held in the evening of this day. Many candles are lit to proclaim the impending rising of Jesus Christ during the Holy Easter, with some services being held in darkness before lighting the candles.

Most Christians in the UK take time off from work during the Holy Easter, particularly on the Holy Saturday to enjoy the Holy Week. Numerous people go on trips to enjoy the short Easter holiday break with some preferring to spend the Holy Week in the countryside. Others chose to travel to neighboring countries in Europe during the Holy Easter, including Spain, Portugal and France among others.

Numerous families prepare Easter eggs on Holy Saturday and children decorate the eggs with paint, water colours, stickers and crayon among other material to mark the Holy Easter. These eggs are subsequently placed in Easter baskets, with chocolate eggs being the most popular during the Holy Week.

The origin of Holy Saturday and the Holy Week

The Holy Saturday, Holy Week and Easter Vigil services can be traced to the early years of Christianity during the Roman Empire. Lighting candles during the Holy Easter services is one of the traditions that still hold a symbolic significance today. The Paschal candle symbolises the light of Jesus Christ, indicating that He brings light where there is darkness.

The Holy Week, Holy Saturday and Holy Easter are keenly observed by numerous Orthodox Christian churches in the UK. The Holy Week is regarded as the period of watchful expectation. During the Holy Easter,Some Christians go an extra mile by attempting to travel to Jerusalem to experience the phenomenon of pilgrimage. this is their unique way of celebrating the Holy Easter.