2nd January (Scotland only)

2nd January (Scotland only) in United Kingdom, for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

United Kingdom (Scotland only) 2018 2019 2020
2nd January Tuesday 2nd January Wednesday 2nd January Thursday 2nd January

2nd January and What it Mean in the UK

2nd January Scotland Bank Holidays have two significant meanings in the UK

Scotland bank holidays are public holidays. During Scotland only Holidays, eight banks participate in the celebration. Scotland bank holidays is a time when banks shut down, and cease from trading. However, 2nd January is only one of the five legal Scotland only holidays that are observed in Scotland, during Scotland Holidays. Many families take advantage of Scotland bank holidays, by hosting private gatherings with families and friends. Most businesses close during Scotland bank holidays, although some shopping centres remain open.

They use this time to recover from the excitement following Scotland Holidays, and celebrations, before returning to their jobs on January 3rd. It is the custom in some areas to observe first footing. First footing beings on January 1st and continues through 2nd January. It is when someone is the first person to enter a home on January 1st.

2nd January Origins

The origins of Scotland bank holidays begin in 1974, and Scotland Holidays continue to this day. Banks and most businesses are closed during Scotland Holidays, allowing workers to have the 2nd January off to spend time with their families. Workers get paid time and a half or double time, if they work on Scotland bank holidays. This is one of terms negotiated by the Trades Unions.

2nd January Special Foods and Drink

The foods associated with the 2nd January, and Scotland Holidays include" seven cup pudding, rumbledethumps, Scotch pancakes, shortbread with cheese, beef or lamb stew, steak pie and whiskey. Black bun is eaten on the last day of Hogmanay. Black bun is a whiskey soaked hallow pastry casing that is filled with dried fruits, spices and nuts. The bun is made several weeks before the Holidays so the ingredients can mature.

Seven cup pudding consists of spices, and dried fruits mixed in steamed pudding. Rumbledethumps is oven baked- mashed turnips with stir fried cabbage and boiled potatoes. However, swedes are a substitute for mashed turnips. Scotch pancakes are small and thick, and prepared using a griddle.