Christmas Day

Christmas Day in United Kingdom, for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

United Kingdom 2018 2019 2020
Christmas Day Tuesday 25th December Wednesday 25th December Friday 25th December

Christmas Day

Christmas Day - The official birthday of our Lord, Jesus Christ

Falling on December 25, Christmas Day is the final day of the Christmas period and is preceded by Christmas Eve on December 24. The Christmas holiday period is a time of unity between family and friends, with one of the bedrock morals being about giving as opposed to receiving. The merry Christmas day is a period which sees people exchanging gifts and gestures of love and the Christmas holiday is one of the most important celebrations in the western calendar. Christmas Eve marks the final preparations for the Christmas period.

Origins of Christmas Day

The Christmas period originated more than 2 millenniums ago when the nativity of Jesus Christ took place. This merry Christmas Day was celebrated by pilgrims who had travelled from far away to witness this majestic moment occurring after Christmas Eve. Upon the birth of Christ, the Christmas holiday had officially begun and this merry Christmas Day marked the dawn of a new era. Christmas Day was celebrated then with Christmas gifts from kings and wise men and this merry Christmas Day provoked mass feasting. The Christmas holiday has since remained an integral part of the Christian calendar.

Modern Christmas holiday celebrations

Christmas is enjoyed by children who hang stockings on Christmas Eve, hoping they will be full of goodies from Santa Claus on Christmas Day. Christmas Eve for many means the erection of decorations for the merry Christmas Day period and during Christmas Day, relatives will meet for Christmas dinner and other rituals during the Christmas holiday include drinking sherry, carol services and the unwrapping of presents. The British Royal family often exchange gifts on Christmas Eve and during the merry Christmas Day, the Queen is accustomed to delivering a speech on live television at 3pm.