St Andrew’s Day (Scotland only)

St Andrew’s Day (Scotland only) in United Kingdom, for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

United Kingdom (Scotland only) 2018 2019 2020
St Andrew’s Day Friday 30th November Saturday 30th November Monday 30th November

St Andrew's Day; The history, date and traditions

St Andrew's Day is the feast day of saint Andrew and its celebrated on 30th November. Saint Andrew is the patron Saint of Scotland, Russia, Romania, Greece, Ukraine, Poland, Saint Andrew Barbados and Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople. St Andrew's Day is one of Scotland only holidays.

History of the celebrations

There is no general consensus on how St Andrew's Day came to be in the list of Scotland only holidays. Different people have come up with theories to explain how this came into being. One of those theories states that relics belonging to St. Andrew were brought to the country in the 4th century. The relics were kept St. Andrews cathedral in Kinrymount. This became a major destination for medieval pilgrims. Another theory states that in the 800s, Pictish king Angus MacFergus took St. Andrew as his patron after seeing a salitre cross in the sky before a battle.

The choice of 30 November date

The 30 November date was chosen after Romans crucified St Andrew on a diagonal cross. The date was added to Scotland only holidays in 2007 through an Act of parliament. The Scottish flag flying regulations states that the flag of Scotland shall fly on all government buildings with a flagpole just like it is the case with any other Scotland only holidays. St Andrew's Day is an official bank holiday just like any other Scotland only holidays but banks are not obliged to close. It is also not mandatory for employees to be given a days off like it is the case with other Scotland only holidays.

Celebrations around the world

St Andrew's Day is not an exclusive Scotland only holidays. The day is also celebrated in other parts of the world. In Berbados, St Andrew's Day is also Independence Day, with a saltire on the country's coat of arms. The day is marked overnight on 29 and 30 November in Poland. Fortune telling is one of the major activities that dominate St Andrew's Day in this country.