Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday in United Kingdom, for the years 2018, 2019 and 2020.

United Kingdom 2018 2019 2020
Palm Sunday Sunday 25th March Sunday 14th April Sunday 5th April

Palm Sunday

Origins of the Palm Sunday, The Holy Easter Holiday Celebration

Palm Sunday Easter falls on the sixth and last Sunday of Lent and the start of Holy week; also commonly referred to as Easter or Holy Easter.

The Easter holiday celebrates Jesus' victorious arrival in Jerusalem where he was welcomed by great crowds who lined the streets and waved palm branches signifying peace and joy. The holiday also commiserates the Holy Week, commonly referred to as Easter or Holy Easter, Jesus' last days on earth, his suffering and his resurrection.

How Palm Sunday and Holy Easter are Celebrated

Traditionally during Holy Week many churches within the united kingdom hold special services to celebrate Jesus' life. These services take place throughout the Holy Week of Easter, as well as on the Sunday, the churches provide congregation members with small crosses blessed by the priests, weaved out of palm leaves. These crosses are used to decorate graves of loved ones, hang in doorways for good luck, any leftovers are burned to create ash used for the following years Ash Wednesday.

The priest will usually have a procession, where the congregation sing religious songs whilst waving palm leaves. At the end of the service some Churches will hand out Pax cakes, the Pax cakes symbolise peace and good will. Child related activities that take place during the Holy week and Holy Easter include telling the stories of the biblical events as well as the crafting of the palm crosses themselves. If a parade is to take place on Palm Sunday or during the Holy Week British flags will also be flown.

Palm Sunday Holiday, Easter/Holy Easter

Palm Sunday is not classed as a federal holiday in the United Kingdom but falls on a Sunday which primarily is a non-working and non-school day.